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Dad Does China

My 2nd visitor this year, my dad, came for the 1st week of April. I was worried we would be cramming too much into one week and his jet lag would get the better of him, but he was a … Continue reading

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Alright, well I’ve officially been in China for 4 months now…..somedays it seems as though it should be a lot longer amount of time, but most days its incredible to think how fast time has flown by. I am finishing … Continue reading

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Long Time NO See….

I would like to begin by apologizing for my lack of posts in the last month….I have been fairly busy but mostly lazy. In the back of my head I have known I need to get a post up but … Continue reading

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Party on Wayne….Party on Garth

So since the last post I have taught two weeks of class, attended a techno festival (Bamboo Festival) and traveled to Chengdu…. So been fairly busy to say the least. Class is still progressing slowly but surely, no worries I … Continue reading

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Paris of the East….Shanghai

Helllllo…..Shanghai, Nice to meet you. The best way to describe a city such as Shanghai is an American city with European flare…the architecture and the scenery and everything around you felt like you were in Europe but the lifestyle you … Continue reading

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Only in China….

Well well yet another blog…forewarning its long:) Note: China decided to block soooo it took me a couple weeks to figure out how to post my blogs, but no worries I did it so keep in mine this post … Continue reading

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Teaching struggles

What has come in gone in past week since my birthday… Ryan’s 23rd Birthday was last Wednesday where we celebrated at a delicious Italian restaurant called Nova in Nanping District some of the best pizza I have ever had and … Continue reading

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Birthday Extravaganza

My birthday post only a couple weeks late… Began as good as any other birthday…I woke up to Angela and Linda at my door with a traditional Chinese birthday cake and a couple gifts. Angela and Linda are two Chinese … Continue reading

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Intro to the Chonx

Well most of you are probably wondering how things have been going in my city…sorry for the delay in this post. Here is the guest hotel I stayed in before moving into my apartment:             … Continue reading

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The Shiz

Friday: We arrived late in Shiijazhuang and ate dinner on street (first real Chinese meal) was amazing! Saturday: Went through the exchanging of money process again because they are incredibly picky about what bills they accept and which they do not … Continue reading

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