The Familiar

So I have been back in China for about a month now, been keeping busy with my usual tasks; teaching, exploring Chongqing, and watching loads of TV. I have picked up some new usuals such as working out, my goal being to workout for 100 straight days. You might wonder why I continue exploring Chongqing when I have been here for 7 months, shouldnt I have seen it all? Well to tell you the truth Chongqing is sooo massive I dont know that 11 months will be enough.

Enough about my boring daily routines, on to something a little more boring, teaching. Teaching this semester is much smoother and easier than last, I believe its because I know how things work and what to expect from my students. I have had an easier time, having the students participate and actually show up for my class. Im not entirely sure what is so different than last but they seem to love me a lot more, which I have found to be an odd encounter.

Here are a couple emails I have received from a students in the last days to brighten up my day I suppose.


I’m Black(Ge Qiu is my Chinese name.) 

I would like to recommend a moving Chinese movie named A SIMPLE LIFE to you. 

It’s a movie about family love between two ordinary people while facing illness and death. Actually speaking they are not really connected by fresh and blood, but it describe a kind of love beyond your imagination.

It’s on the cinema these days,but I don’t think there’s a English version. Even though,  I think you can understand it. 

Cause there’s something that transcends language.

Overall it’s worth watching.

And of course an additional email from the same student….she enjoys sharing info with me.

SUNSHINE! ~\(≧▽≦)/~Finally Chongqing’s say goodbye to the rainy days, and spring’s around the corner. The photos are chosen from today’s Chongqing news. Tt’s an article about some beautiful University campus great for hiking. They are in the North part of Chongqing. Most Chongqing’s universities have moved there years ago.You can also rent bicycle there as long as you have an ID card. The ground there is PLANE PLANE PLANE!!! ( ⊙ o ⊙ )!

The cost will be about 3 YUAN for an ordinary one, 4 YUAN for a speed bike and 5 YUAN for Tandem bicycle PRE HOUR. Of course, they normally ask you to pay 200YUAN as a deposit.

The only problem is that it takes a long time to go there, about 1 hour by bus and you also need to transferred at Jianzhuan.


AND take care of your belongings, my cellphone was stolen on a sunny day just like today.╭(╯^╰)╮

I have been invited to dinner nearly every night by either my students and/or co-teachers. I havent accepted all invitations as its nice to have time to myself or strictly with English speakers, but I have accepted my fair share. I have learned more about China’s culture and my speaking abilities have grown tremendously just in the short time I spend with either my students or co-teachers during dinner. I have been able to enjoy my time to a larger amount than last semester, I am not entirely sure what has changed other than its closer to the time I head home for good. I suppose it could be some comfort American food I found at the local grocery store, or the gym I belong to that allows me to be active, or playing sports with the boys and my students. It could be numerous things that have made China feel a little bit more like home.

This week though my internet has gone out in my apartment, they have been able to fix it but just for about 20 minutes at a time, we arent sure as to what the issue is, all we know is the issue is in my apartment not my computer. THANK GOD. All is well though, and time is flying by.

Next week my dad is coming for a visit he will be here for a week, its a short trip but I am extremely excited nonetheless. He is coming to Chongqing to start out his trip and from here our travels will take us to Chengdu (Pandas), Xi’An (Terracotta Warriors), and of course Beijing. We will be extremely busy and always on the move, but thats what happens when you try to see China in a week. Hopefully, jet lag doesnt get the best of my ole man and we can troop on.

Well stay tuned for my next update; traveling with the pops.



About Danielle White

My name is Danielle White from Bettendorf, IA. I graduated from Drake University in Des Moines with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I recently returned from teaching Journalism, Advertising, and Broadcasting classes at Sichuan International Studies University in Chongqing, China from June 2011-July 2012 I am currently doing freelance work in social media management and dabbling in website construction.
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One Response to The Familiar

  1. Mom says:

    Maybe they were just checking to see if you cared enough to stick around before they invested any time in getting to know you?

    Your apartment does not have internet; maybe you should quit watching so much illegal stuff LOL 🙂 love mommy

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