Where to begin….Malaysia I must say is not what I expected entirely. Our trip in Malaysia capital Kuala Lumpur lasted a total of 4 days, probably 2 too many in Kuala Lumpur at least. If I had the chance to go to Malaysia again I would go to the other island opposite of Kuala Lumpur, seems more tropical and a bit more of the vision I had of what Malaysia should have been like. Dont get me wrong I had a great time in Malaysia but it may have been my least favorite of the 4 countries Sarah and I traveled to over break. Why was it my least favorite? Boring is the first word that comes to mind, Kuala Lumpur only has so much to offer and it can be seen in a total of 2 days. The twin Petronas towers China town (of course) and Batu caves are the main sites to see. Giving you a step by step preview of what our trip was like as the previous blogs demonstrated in Philippines and Singapore.

Our first day there we arrived around dinner time and got settled into what was easily our WORST hostel EVER! My bed was held up by a cinder block and full of lumps, was the hottest hostel with the only moving air being a fan, and you had to provide your own toilet paper for the disgusting bathrooms. Now you may ask why we decided to spend our time in a disgusting hostel well had 30 or so reviews with a total percentage of 88% of the customers being happy. I came to the conclusion that the rest of the customers are delusional and have no clue what “pleasant, clean and comfy hostel” means. Two words to define them in my eyes are “cracked out.” Anywho we luckily had a decent location, in which we located directly across the Reggae Bar a must see restaurant/bar in Kuala Lumpur, the atmosphere and food is amazing. The bar is full of pictures and signs from all around the world, the one I obviously found to be most fascinating was an IOWA state sign, yes I KNOW there was a sign from IOWA of all places (thats what I call a small world). Alongside the reggae bar was Chinatown, which was much nicer or shall I say closer to the China I know and have come to love than the Chinatown we witnessed in Singapore. We did a little shopping picked up the usual things beats headphones, some t-shirts and movies.

Our first full day we walked the city a little and made our way to the Bird Park, it was interrupted by a brief torrential downpour. The bird park was way more interesting than I had expected ahead of time, but it is the largest free flight aviary. One thing I found out on this trip about Sarah that I had no clue previously is how obsessed her entire family is with any and every kind of animals (I guess the exception being cats:) ha). We ended the night with a little introductory shopping experience to the central market (which I would classify as the best place to shop in Kuala Lumpur) for souvenirs and trinkets to take home. Of course, where we consumed over half of our meals while in Malaysia we ended the night at the Reggae Bar.

2nd full day we hired a tour guide we went to natural hot springs (extremely hot) but really cool. They were made of sulfur so very healthy for skin but pretty unbearable to keep feet in for to long. Then went to waterfall where there was a small village having a picnic and get together at the park. It was a very cool experience they invited us to take pictures of them and watch their activities overall was very cool and they were very friendly people. Went swimming at the waterfall and  met two extremely nice Muslim girls that shared some cool things to do and see in Kuala Lumpur as well as elsewhere in Malaysia. Unfortunately, we wouldnt have enough time to explore the rest of Malaysia as it sounded amazing! Was very nice to talk with them, gave us some cool tips. Monkeys everywhere! Was so awesome I love monkeys, quite possibly the highlight of my entire time in Malaysia but for sure that day! Then went to the Batu caves met a two guys Aaron from D.C. and his friend Sherif from Bothell, Washington just outside of where I grew up in Woodinville, Washington. Small world yet again. The Batu Caves are for sure a site to see but if I were to do it again I would have made time to do the spelunking and glow in the dark cave trekking, it sounded extremely fun but unfortunately we werent dressed appropriately. To wrap up our day I had another palm reading just to see how accurate these things really are and even if mine would be the same as Hong Kong. I was stumped because for the most part it was the same. I got a palm reading, face reading and tarot card reading. The following is what I gathered from this particular reading:

My palm reading: I am stubborn, I’m good with hands for detail-oriented specific things. I must be apart of something very specialized as I take on a leadership role in most cases. I will always have friends to support me but I need to seek their help and let them help me. I push friends and people who get close to me away, I am very scared to trust as I have been hurt in the past. Those who have been in my life will always be extremely important to me but I need to open up more to others and not put as much energy towards them (In other words, need to be more willing to let others in to my life). I am very concise, neat I do not like things to be messy in my life nor of my personal use. I like to talk a lot and always have a lot on my mind. I am very far from my siblings and wish to be closer to them, just not sure they have the time. I think to much and usually find the negatives in things, I am extremely skeptical. I am good with money in that when I don’t have any I can stay at home and enjoy myself but when I have money I know how to use it and have a good time.

Tarot cards: the two categories I chose to know more about were relationships and work.

Relationship: In my past life someone I was very close to left me and never returned. In this life that person may return or possibly already has. If the person presents themselves soon, I could have the chance to get married soon otherwise I will not get married until later around 28. (Similar to my last reading)

Work: I am disappointed in my current situation and do not feel satisfied. I am searching for something else to do but have no idea or direction. I need to sacrifice and work hard to figure out my path but my friends can help me decipher.

Face reading: I am going to have a long life, I will easily make it 78. My forehead says I will have two girls and if I am lucky a boy.

-don’t like commitment

-family is well off

-I want to make good money

-stubborn unwilling to let people in, it is adopted from my childhood

– I had a disruption in my childhood

– importance of friends

– will be unsatisfied in work, always looking for more

– have to work really hard to find what I want to do, so don’t settle in the beginning

– a friend from my childhood has a huge influence on my life and my current relationships

– a friend will teach me something and if I learn from that and accept it someone from my past will come back into my life

So there you have it all my readings, I think this time I agree with most and kind find the truth in what I may disagree with but obviously this guy decided I have a lot to work on lol

Our final productive day in Malaysia we took a walk down to the Petronas Towers hoping to go up but we found out upon our arrival that they only sell a certain number of tickets a day and you have to buy them ahead of time (not a clue this needed to be done but hey not sure how worth it would be to pay to go up and see). Plus we ran into our friends Aaron and Sherif again small world. We got some lunch at a decent sushi restaurant and then went to there baller hotel where where there was a sky bar/pool and it had an amazing few of the towers, which totally made it not worth paying the fee to go up the towers. Aaron and Sherif flew out that night to head back to the states, so Sarah and I were on the mission to make new friends and we did all Canadiens who happened to be studying in Singapore for the semester. The night ended well and we lounged around the next day till we flew out that evening.

I have apparently used my quota for pictures so check out my Facebook for photos. Sorry.

Till next time,



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My name is Danielle White from Bettendorf, IA. I graduated from Drake University in Des Moines with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I recently returned from teaching Journalism, Advertising, and Broadcasting classes at Sichuan International Studies University in Chongqing, China from June 2011-July 2012 I am currently doing freelance work in social media management and dabbling in website construction.
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