Singapore is the place I had built up the most, because before we had left on our Chinese New Year travels I had met a few people from Singapore who just raved about it. I will say ahead of time we probably stayed a day too long, but Singapore is a beautiful and amazing place. The whole country is so clean and extremely friendly people. Luckily, one of Sarah and I’s college friend Megan’s parents just recently moved there and Megan was still there on her Winter Break from college. Unfortunately, we only got to spend one day with her before she headed back to the states, but it was amazing to see a familiar face in so long. So I am going to give a break down of what we did for 4 days.

Went met up with Megan for lunch in Holland Village at a Mexican restaurant it was soooo good, it made our week without a doubt:) Holland Village was filled with lots of places to shop and lots of American style restaurants, we were traveling on bare minimum so no shopping for us! After lunch we then walked around a bit then headed to Haw Par Villa, weird statues and set up of punishment of hell it was a very bizarre place but I guess cool in its own nature.  To finish up our first day we then went to Megan’s family’s town home the rest of the afternoon to relax and hang out in their very nice home. Her parents have lived in Singapore for 7 months now aka gave us some great advice as to what to see and do for the rest of the week. Her mom ended coming home and we chatted for a long time before we headed to dinner in little India for dinner I got opeh and shark fin soup with crab meat (essentially tasted like egg drop soup with a fishy soft yet crunchy thing aka shark fin in it)

We decided that Singapore was going to be a relaxing and laid back place for us since there are not much things for sightseeing, so for  the second day we relaxed day and lounged around most of the day. Went to little India again, ate some delicious Indian food a grew fond of India food on this trip its a very popular cuisine in SE Asia. We went to Vivo City Mall which is one of the largest malls I have ever been in, and we watched the movie Contraband with Mark Wahlberg and was surprisingly good movie as I hadnt heard anything about it. If you havent seen the movie yet I highly recommend it.

Our 3rd day we went to Chinatown which was pretty cool and definitely cool because it was right before the Chinese New Year and was all decorated and lots of festivities going on. For dinner we went to the Marina Bay (downtown) which was beautiful and I now see why people are so obsessed with Singapore, plus there was huge mall, like I sad before one of the largest malls Ive ever seen this is by far the coolest and biggest Mall I have ever seen! Its been awhile since I have been to Mall of America but I would debate its bigger, and without a doubt liked this mall way more. Was the prettiest and nicest mall Ive ever been in, ate more Indian and Singapore cuisine. Finally went to Marina Bay Sands Casino, Sarah got lucky and won 85 dollars on the slots I lost 16 lol. Big gamblers I know:) You can just call us High Rollers…

Our final day we lounged around on Sentosa Island on the west coast and got our dose of Singapore Slings (we had to of course:)). Sentosa Island is cool but most definitely a tourist trap, there is a lot of cool and fun things to do like Indoor Skydiving, Cement Sledding, Beaches, etc. but all were fairly expensive or at least out of our price range so we settled for the drinks:) Then finished the night off in Vivo City Mall where Sarah did end up doing some damage and shopping a bit, one last time before we head out to Malaysia the next day.

Lastly, want to talk about our hostel Betel Box Hostel which was one of my favorites on the entire trip. The bedrooms were nice, and the lounge was a great place to hang out plus tons of things to do and tours to sign up with. The location was on the far east side of the island away from most the touristy things but truly I still loved the location gave us a perspective of the entire Island.

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Blogs on Malaysia, Thailand and Recent weeks back in China still to come….

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