Long Time NO See….

I would like to begin by apologizing for my lack of posts in the last month….I have been fairly busy but mostly lazy.

In the back of my head I have known I need to get a post up but figured I would do it the one time of the year when family and friends are on my mind the most. So let me fill you in on my last month in China.

Let me begin where I left off.  Halloween in China town…..no it was not the usual Halloween where we dress up and eat lots of candy…We spent our Friday night in a KTV (Karaoke bar), this is the BIG thing in China. Then we or I should say “I” was supposed to go to an actual Halloween party at a local pub, was a green wizard party yet I seemed to sleep through the whole event…. So to say the least, Halloween wasnt very eventful…suppose I’ll just make up for it next year.

Classroom time…I attempted to teach my students a little American culture about Halloween and really I learned a lot myself about the creation of Halloween as it is celebrated today. My kids found it amusing, maybe the first time this year they enjoyed a little bit of class:)

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Laid low for the week before I was off to Guilin to meet up with Sarah, Sonya, Uji, Isaiah and Michelle. Yet I only had a 20 hour train ride between me and the trip..ON A HARD SEAT! It wasnt nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be but my expectations were REALLY LOW…. I had no leg room, and was unable to sleep due to all the Chinese people interested in.

So we begin this journey, did I mention I did this by myself…. I am ready to endure this long journey on the train, I find my seat (the little bit of seat I had) and settle in for the next 20 hours…. I was having a hard time getting in a comfortable position to sleep so I decided I would just listen to music, watch movies, anything I could find to fill the time. Also, little did I know I need to buy food for the ride as the only thing they served were peanuts and fruit….thanks to the Chinese citizens they made sure I ate plenty of that (they were feeding me left and right)….Almost all of the Chinese people were overly interested in me, in the fact that they asked me a question (in Chinese) almost every 5-7 minutes like clock work. I would attempt to respond, probably making no sense and then I realized neither person could understand each other….the best part was a man I sat next to on the train, thought he could speak English but it sounded more like gibberish….but Im sure thats what my Chinese sounds like so cant be too critical!

I finally arrived in Guilin, we just kind of hung out all week, I got to see how they live their lives day-to-day basically….didnt really do a whole lot to be honest, but still had a great time and it was actually a relaxing vacation!

NO worries I flew back, didnt have to deal with the train twice in 1 trip. Its hard to believe that was only 2 months ago.

The next week or last weekend was my friend Fran’s birthday party. We went to dinner at a Japanese Teppanyaki Restaurant, get this it was ALL you can eat, AND ALL you can drink….for $27 aka trouble!

This was close to being the best meal Ive had in China (which is funny that it was a Japanese restaurant)…lets just say some partied hard and ended up getting a visit from the police. We were there from about 6:30pm-11pm….I had dipped out before all this went down so its all hearsay, but basically a couple guys knocked over a flower pot in the restaurant and the cops were called to settle the issue….two guys had to go down to the police station and pay 300 kuai each or $50…and they were released. So note to self when it says all you can drink doesnt mean you have to actually take them up on it? Anywho we are lucky I suppose nothing else came of the situation.

The next day, the boys had a rugby game against a team up in Bei Bei about 30 min. north of here. They were pretty dirty players and had about 3 times as many players as we did. A small number of guys showed up for the match, as the night before was a bit chaotic….they ended up playing 7’s and 10’s (a normal match is 15’s)…..aka the guys had to do a lot more running. They lost 7’s but no worries it was just warm-up for the 10’s game which they won!

Now we are into the week of Thanksgiving, so as you can tell not a whole lot has happened since we last talked…..was an easy catch me up….


About Danielle White

My name is Danielle White from Bettendorf, IA. I graduated from Drake University in Des Moines with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I recently returned from teaching Journalism, Advertising, and Broadcasting classes at Sichuan International Studies University in Chongqing, China from June 2011-July 2012 I am currently doing freelance work in social media management and dabbling in website construction.
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