Party on Wayne….Party on Garth

So since the last post I have taught two weeks of class, attended a techno festival (Bamboo Festival) and traveled to Chengdu….

So been fairly busy to say the least. Class is still progressing slowly but surely, no worries I have the count down to break (aka when the REAL traveling begins!!) T-minus 65 days:)

So since the beginning of the semester I have taught on the topics:

– Theoretical Frameworks and Types of Appeals

– Message Strategies and Executional Frameworks

– Communications in Society

– Media Responsibility Over Time

– Communications Law & Ethics

Some of you Drake kids may recognize some of these “topics” or titles, because its the name of Journalism classes at Drake….probably could teach those classes by now! I find it odd as well that I have learned more about these things now than I did in my 4 years of college, teaching is just another degree you earn your whole profession….

The term learn something new everyday for sure is true here.

What I still have to teach on in the weeks remaining….

– Communications Law & Ethics cont.

– Reporting & Writing Principles

– Careers for Journalism Majors

– Advertising Media Selection

– Internet Marketing

Now for the more interesting topics of the blog….the Bamboo Festival…

We heard about the Festival from our new friends Tyler and Fran, it was just outside of Chongqing and hey its my first Music Festival (who would have thought it would be a techno festival and in China). Life brings crazy things at unexpected times, did I mention it was a lot of fun (hints the reason I have 2 pictures from the weekend and they are before the Festival began). It was basically two stages set up on the top of mountain, so it was a bit cold but I actually gained an appreciation for the techno music genre. Now you maybe wondering why we are so angry in front of this poster for the Bamboo Festival, it would be because we hiked up a mountain and it was the worst unexpected hill that we had to walk up that morning.

Bamboo Festival

After the Festival we had another reality check…back to school šŸ˜¦ I think you have gathered I dont like teaching but I cant complain overall, I am learning a lot and without that many hours.

Now for our next journey….panda time. Sean, Ryan and I took the bullet train for a two hour ride up to Chengdu. We heard about the “good” places to eat and visit during our short weekend. We definitely found the restaurant that you could say ended up being our so called “favorite” Peters Tex-Mex Restaurant. I dont know that you can call it your favorite though when its the only place you eat at lol.

Peters Tex-Mex had anything and everything you could want in terms of “American” food…. I was able to get foods I havent even thought about seeing for the next year and it was awesome!

So to start out our journey, we arrive Thursday night and check-in to Dreams Hostel into our 10 bedroom dorm. We headed to Peters Tex-Mex ate some good ole Mexican food, afterwards went to Dave’s Oasis. The owner Dave opened this dive bar up about 10 years ago and speaks phenomenal English, we were able to talk to him about the devastating earthquake that happened in Chengdu in 2008. It was unreal the stories he told us of the deaths and how the government handled the situation. It was truly eye-opening and impressive to see where Chengdu was now as a city from the devastation that had hit just 3 short years ago.

Then later met up with some Chengdu rugby guys at Legs & Whistles (A nice local bar that plays Football:)) We later headed to another bar for ladies night, Mooney’s Irish Pub in the Shangri-La Hotel. I think I

found America in Chengdu…literally everyone in the bar was from the states, Australia, or New Zealand. It was hilarious (definitely Im not in China moment). Was able to chat with Megan a girl from New Zealand that we had met, just chatted about the differences between NZ lifestyle and ours and couldnt find a whole lot different. Just minor things that most everyone knows such as college sports, and opportunity to travel within own country is quite different from region to region. She explained that NZ is sooo small that it doesnt change much throughout the country. Of course we talked about Rugby (as they were in the rugby world cup finals that weekend).

Entrance of Wenshu Temple

We then arrive back to our hostel, pretty late and Sean decides to wake up our entire dorm room, lets just say they werent all that happy. So the next morning we go to breakfast at Peters Tex-Mex (obviously) very early and when we arrive back move to the hotel across the street. (We got our own room) Privacy is probably more suitable for us for future trips. We decide to lay low a little bit today and check out some old neighborhoods in Chengdu as well as a really famous temple. Wenshu Temple, is the largest Buddhist Temple in Chengdu. We went to our first tea house, apparently Chengdu is known for them. For dinner we ate pizza in our hotel room and then treated ourselves to a deluxe massage. At World Finger Spa, I was a bit skeptical by the name but man was it good. We got an hour foot massage, then an hour full-body massage for just $29. We then hit up a late night fish market, they have all kinds of fish shipped in every night around 8pm and the market is open almost all night, you pick out whatever seafood you would like to be cooked up and there you have it some of the most amazing seafood Ive ever had (reminded me a lot like Pikes Market in Seattle). Super good either way, definitely will go back to it.

Ryan, Sean and I in the Tea house

Old Neighborhood in Chengdu

Entrance to the Panda Base

Now for the really good stuff…..PANDAS! We woke up very early Saturday morning and made our way up to the Giant Panda Breeding Base. We were able to see and get close up with new born pandas, red pandas, Toddler Pandas, and Full Adult Giant Pandas. I loved every second of it and if you can tell anything from my Facebook and the amount of pictures I took of them I want one! They are sooo cute and cuddly looking….IF anyone visits me I would throw no objection to another visit they are just that cute!

Baby Pandas!

Well that was about a wrap of the weekend for us, Ryan and I headed back home to Chongqing as we were exhausted and pretty much slept our way until we taught on Monday. Now we are in mid-week and

Toddler Pandas...Fighting

Halloween is just around the corner….

I have yet to decide what to dress as for Halloween, the selection of costumes here is slim to none as they dont celebrate here, so I may have to get creative…..

Red Panda

Till Next Time


P.s. the meaning of the title of this post is Sean was trying to teach this to a group of Chinese men who spoke NO ENGLISH… He would say party on wayne and point at the Chinese man trying to get him to say party on Garth….. after a long time of thinking he was getting no where, the Chinese man finally said party on garth….

Me with the Red Panda


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My name is Danielle White from Bettendorf, IA. I graduated from Drake University in Des Moines with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I recently returned from teaching Journalism, Advertising, and Broadcasting classes at Sichuan International Studies University in Chongqing, China from June 2011-July 2012 I am currently doing freelance work in social media management and dabbling in website construction.
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  1. Jeff White says:

    another informative and nice blog!!! thanks Dani

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