Intro to the Chonx

Well most of you are probably wondering how things have been going in my city…sorry for the delay in this post. Here is the guest hotel I stayed in before moving into my apartment:








Things that have happened in the last week and a half.

– Pay extra again for my baggage….soooo not worth the extra money (should have listened to everyone 🙂 )
– Hung out in internet cafe a lot… (Thank you China for hating MAC’s)
– Become “locals” at a hotpot restaurant down the street
– Dropped lots of cash money on “moving in” things (food, cleaning supplies!, essential living supplies)
– Cleaned my apartment/ unpacked my bags
– Watched a lot of American TV online
– Explored Shapingba (the district of Chongqing I live in)
– Continued embracing the chinese lifestyle (aka not caring about anything)
– Got my schedule and classes

So to go into more detail about my time in Chongqing…

Here is the internet cafe that is essentially where I live until my apartment gets internet….







Here is my apartment… overall Im pretty happy about it. A lot larger than I was expecting the only downside, its quite the hike up the mountain everyday to it… Bright side I will be in great shape after 11 months. It took a little cleaning to establish that “homey” feeling there was a layer of dust on everything.

































I have to figure out how to get internet and cable in my apartment they aren’t the best communicators here…and the washing machine is still unknown object to me (I’m afraid to use it in fear of breaking something)







Shapingba seems as though its a large city on its own, yet when you drive to downtown Chongqing approximately 25 minutes away…..its a tiny district inside a HUGE city. The only way I can even compare Chongqing to a U.S. city is Los Angeles, because its a city that seems as though it never ends and is built on a mountain side and hills. There are also two of the largest rivers in China passing through the city. Im not sure 11 months is even enough to explore a city like this.

















One thing I miss is the entertainment world, I know shocking, so if anyone sees any good movies or picks up new shows this fall Im in for recommendations….PLEASE!

So one surprising thing that I was informed of in the last few days was I am NOT teaching English, I will actually be teaching Advertising….I am by no means qualified to do so but hey they think I am so time to just “go with the flow.” The Vice Dean of my department is going on a business trip to America for a couple months so I am taking over her classes for the fall semester aka I have big shoes to fill. The topics I will be teaching about are:
– Reporting & writing principles
– Communications in U.S. society
– Media responsibility over time
– Communications laws & ethics
– Career paths for Advertising majors.

These subjects are a rough outline of what they would like me to teach my students. My students will be Juniors in college and I will have roughly 50 students in each of my classes. I have a lot of lesson planning ahead of me.

Keep it real.

D. white


About Danielle White

My name is Danielle White from Bettendorf, IA. I graduated from Drake University in Des Moines with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I recently returned from teaching Journalism, Advertising, and Broadcasting classes at Sichuan International Studies University in Chongqing, China from June 2011-July 2012 I am currently doing freelance work in social media management and dabbling in website construction.
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One Response to Intro to the Chonx

  1. Ali Faulkner says:

    Regarding your withdrawal from the entertainment world, Sanjin and I have been Netflix addicts. I don’t know if you were able to watching movie and TV shows online while you were still in the country, but that is all we have been doing. We are obsessed with MadMen in particular! SNL’s new season just started last night, and the Jersey Shore is currently running their season they filmed in Florence while I was there (so I’ve secretly been keeping a lookout for myself haha). However I read that you luckily found a shop that sells movies where you bought 17, soo idk how much of a withdrawal you are still having. But nonetheless, I thought I would attempt to help. Let me know if you need anything, and know that I am thinking of you!! Hope you’re having fun and being safe!
    With love from Iowa,
    PS- I must say you are a very skilled writer and I am thoroughly impressed with your blog. I know I recorded my adventures in Italy for like maybe two weeks, then I got sick of it and stopped. But keep yours coming because I enjoy hearing what you’re up to!

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