See Ya Later….USA

Saying that packing was a “bit of struggle” is an understatement….I had to re-pack about 15 times….no joke. How is one supposed to know what they will need everyday for the next year! I have asked anyone and everyone (multiple times) for advice on what they have done when going abroad for an extended period of time….

This is what I started with…..

This is what I ended with…


3 bags: 2 “50” lb bags and 1 carry-on… Now the question is what am I forgetting?

Within the last few weeks I have been saying my short-term “goodbyes” trying to fit in every possible thing I can think I may miss. I even bowled if that tells you much. I celebrated my birthday under a month away successful if I do say so myself… I even get my last round of golf in with my dad before I depart in 3 days!

I’m not going to say that this will be the most interesting “blog” you will ever read because I can assure you it’s not, I hate writing and reading so I will attempt to make it a heavy picture and video filled blog.

If you have any questions that may arise while reading my blog or that you just want to know such as; I was asked to immediately figure out Chinese cuss words and send them onward lol. I will try fulfill majority of your requests whether its something you would like me to see or just something you would like me to write about.

Talk to ya next time,

Intersting fact: The year 2005 is noted as mín guó jiushi sì nián (men gwaw jyo shir suh nyan; 94 years after the establishment of the Republic of China)

D. White


About Danielle White

My name is Danielle White from Bettendorf, IA. I graduated from Drake University in Des Moines with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. I recently returned from teaching Journalism, Advertising, and Broadcasting classes at Sichuan International Studies University in Chongqing, China from June 2011-July 2012 I am currently doing freelance work in social media management and dabbling in website construction.
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5 Responses to See Ya Later….USA

  1. Sherry Bentz says:

    I am a friend of Alysse’s mom. My daughter is planning on teaching English abroad. I am wondering – did you study Chinese or prepare in other ways for this job? I will be eagerly checking your blog.
    Thanks for doing a blog and good luck!

    • Hey Sherry,

      I attempted to study Chinese just through books and such I know very little Chinese…. My school SISU does not care whether I know ENglish or not…. the only preparation you need is to get certified through TEFL or other programs to Teach Abroad.. let me know if you have any other questions at

  2. Stephanie says:

    Hi there Miss Dani, I hope this finds you doing well and enjoying yourself. Nothing new here is going on, boys are in school, finally. Collin and Corey will start college on Monday, so that will be good for both of them. Corey is doing dual enrollment in high school and college. So I hope it goes well for him, he is really excited about it. He is also working and doing baseball, so he is keeping busy. Collin is working alot, trying to put money away, probably to move out, haha. Connor is working a ton as well at Subway now and loves it, school is going good so far, only a week in. Work is going well for both Uncle Kenny and I, so we are all happy 🙂 I hope things are going well for you, your dad filled me in on your luggage, that sucks. I hope you get some money back somehow 🙂 I also heard how long it took you to get to the hotel, you should have just walked, you might have made it quicker. Well keep us all posted and we will keep in touch. I hope this blog is okay to talk to you through. Also, holler if you need me to send you anything at all. We love you and I need an address to send stuff to you. Love you much 🙂 Aunt Steph

    • Sounds like you all are doing great, this should be good to keep in contact if my internet will be consistent…. The internet here is TERRIBLE! Most sites are blocked as well. Walking was not an option we were about 25 blocks away and had three bags of luggage that was hard to lug around 5 feet let alone 25 blocks.. plus streets are not flat

  3. Leigh WHite says:

    This is your mommy and I miss you! The boys are good and lazy, I cleaned my closet again and have started running a little again. Are we still going to try and skype on Sundays?

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